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The Uniques Vol. 1: Come Together

152 pages

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The year is 1996, and Uniques - people born with incredible powers - have changed the world. In the wake of a horrible disaster, seven teenagers step forward to take up the torch carried by generations past and try to find their own voices and chart their own path in a world where the super is common but heroes are not.

From the minds of 6-time Harvey Award nominated husband-and- wife creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers, The Uniques is a superhero story about growth and becoming, following the course of seven characters’ lives as they change the world and the world changes them.

The Uniques #1

The year is 1996. The daughter of a celebrated superheroic duo awakens from a two-year coma in a mysterious facility with no memory of what happened to her. As she struggles to remember the horrific tragedy that put her there and killed scores Earth’s greatest heroes, clandestine forces weigh the value of her life as their secret plans unfold. So begins The Uniques – a story of powerful young people coming of age in a world where the super is common but heroes are not.

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The Uniques #2

In the year 1994, a superhuman attack destroyed much of the city of New York. Many were lost, including major world leaders and costumed heroes gathered together to commemorate the end of the Cold War. During that attack, a shockwave swept the planet and killed every Unique with psionic powers except for one – a young girl named Hope Sage.

Two years later, she woke from a coma into a different world. With so few superheroes left, and after years of economic and social turbulence, she isn’t the only one trying to make sense of the changes around her and find a new way forward.

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The Uniques #3

After waking up from a 2-year coma, the young heroine Telepath struggled to find her place in the changed world. Now she and her best friend Motherboard are putting together a team of teen supers to try and accomplish together what they couldn’t do on their own – but this group of misfits and loners may prove impossible to manage. Even as they struggle to find a way to work together, a monstrous new threat is released on an unsuspecting world.

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The Uniques, by the Comic Creating Duo of Comfort and Adam

Comfort and Adam are the six-time Harvey Award nominated husband-and-wife duo responsible for The Uniques, The Uniques Tales, and Rainbow in the Dark, and the massive how-to book The Complete Guild to Self-Publishing Comics: How to Create and Sell Comics, Manga, and Webcomics from Random House. They write together, illustrate together, and letter together in total symbiosis... whenever their cats give them a moment of peace.

The Uniques Remastered

The first run of The Uniques ran from 2008-10, but this was always intended to be the beginning of a long epic, spanning several decades of story.

Now, after several years away, they have returned to the series that began their careers. To celebrate the grand re-launch, they are remastering, expanding, and re-releasing all of the previously-released issues in a special Extended Director's Cut series leading into the start of the "second season" of the story in 2015.