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Uniques: Comic Creators for Freedom Fundraiser

Mon, 02 Dec 2013 18:58:48 GMT

It's time for another set of fundraising through Comic Creators For Freedom - for a very important cause - to end child trafficking and exploitation.

Each year CCA has a theme, and this year's is Awkward School Photos. And upon hearing the theme we knew that doing an image of Kid Quick from The Uniques would be the way to go! Check it out...

Ah Katie - so adorable, so spastic, so very young and awkward. That's our Kid Quick.

So there you go. Super worthy cause, great reward (an awesome desktop image of all your favorite webcomics characters as adorable awkward kids), and a chance to do something good for the world. Seriously, what's to think about'

Please, please, please, please go donate now and help Comic Creators For Freedom make this year's goal for LOVE 146 because everyone, everywhere has a right to be free!

Thanks for helping everyone,

Comfort & Adam

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